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Virtually all the stores named deliver internationally, and have millions of customers. The British tabloids regularly relish in the tasteless way he flaunts his wealth.

Topshop company profile

United Kingdom History of Arcadia Group Plc Arcadia Group plc, previously known as Burton Group plc, is the second largest clothing retailer in the United Kingdom, with more than 2, outlets in downtowns and shopping centers throughout the country.

With two exceptions, the group's store formats primarily sell private-label apparel. In mid Arcadia acquired Wade Smith, a retailer of designer brands, and launched SU, a retailer of designer menswear, marking the group's first forays into the designer sector.

The company also has ventured into home shopping via catalog marketing and Internet retailing and into overseas markets, with expectations for outlets outside the United Kingdom by the end of Inyear-old Meshe David Osinsky joined the thousands of Jews fleeing westward from Russian persecution.

Osinsky evidently opened his first store in Holywell Street, Chesterfield, England, in The merchandise offered for sale consisted of inexpensive ready-made suits for men and boys' wear under the name Burton. Men's suits "noted for hard wear and perfect fit," to quote a contemporary advertisement, were offered from 11 shillings and ninepence, boys' suits "in endless variety" were sold for one shilling and ninepence, caps were sold at one penny, and shirts of Topshop company profile green flannel with yellow stripes were sold to Irish farm workers.

Advertisements also solicited orders for "bespoke" made to order suits. In a second Burton shop was opened in Mansfield and in a third shop was opened in Sheffield.

Also in Osinsky, who was to change his name to Montague Burton, married Sophia Marks, daughter of a furniture dealer. In the same year Osinsky also established the Progress Mills works in Leeds, setting up Elmwood Mills and the headquarters of the firm there in Between and the outbreak of World War I, 14 branches of the firm were created, mainly in the industrial towns of the Midlands and the North East.

The number of branches had grown to 40 byincluding eight shops in Ireland. These were all to be stocked with clothing. There was also the mounting task of meeting the demand for uniforms, which the firm was under contract to supply--all this with a constantly changing labor force as men joined the war effort and were replaced by women.

By the end of the war Elmwood Mills occupied five premises in Leeds, and the labor force had grown from 56 in to Production was divided between civilian needs and contract requirements, which posed a problem.

The firm either had to shelve half its productive capacity or expand the number of retail outlets. It chose the latter, and the number of shops grew from 40 in to by Rapidity of growth was accompanied by change in status: Burton--being held by Montague Burton. The firm by this time made almost entirely wholesale bespoke clothing, with the customer being measured in the branch shop and his requirements sent for translation into the appropriate garment.

The advantage of the wholesale bespoke system to the customer was that he got exactly what he had ordered to suit his size and personal preferences, instead of the approximation he would be likely to get by buying ready-made.

The benefits to the producer were not having to finance stocks of ready-made clothing and being able to avoid intermediaries. The success of the system lay in the speed with which the customer's order could be processed.

This required organizational ability of a high degree and was of crucial importance in this highly competitive business.

To this end, production was centralized at Hudson Road Mills, on a site offering plenty of scope for expansion, the first stage being opened in Whatever the state of the national economy, there was no year between the wars in which the number of Burton shops failed to grow.

From inthe number more than doubled to reach by and doubled again by The early increase in the number of shops was in the older industrial areas of the country such as West Riding of Yorkshire, Lancashire, the Midlands, and the North East, accounting for 80 percent inbut this had fallen by to 50 percent.

This diversification of outlets was behind the firm's remarkable record. The shops themselves set new standards of excellence, reflected in the expenditure on fixtures and fittings.

The publication Goodwill in Industry, by J. Foster Fraser, produced to mark the years that the firm had been in business, contained the following description: The exterior stonework is always of emerald pearl granite with shafts of Scotch grey granite.

Topshop company profile

The interior fittings of oak and gun-metal quiet and dignified are the same at every branch. Each Burton shop received an instruction manual containing the following advice:Read more This company has claimed its Trustpilot profile, but to our knowledge, doesn't actively invite its customers to write reviews on Trustpilot.

Read more This company hasn't claimed its Trustpilot profile and to our knowledge, doesn't actively invite its customers to write reviews on Trustpilot.

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Get the latest business insights from D&B Hoovers. Topshop offers large varieties of products and services in order to accommodate the very diverse audience they draw and provide “basics to cutting edge” trends, keeping Topshop (and its customers) “ahead of the style game”.

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