Sustainable marketing research papers

Written by Alin Stancu on December 15, These 17 goals all include corporate actions and specifies the framework for corporate actions. Understanding value creation or co-creation, value delivery and value measurement in corporate responsibility, and connecting these with corporate and societal values, offers a chance to re-legitimize businesses are key issues to reach the sustainability goals. Defining value in a sustainable setting is both an business opportunity and a challenge.

Sustainable marketing research papers

March 24, Over the past two decades, sustainability has become more than a fad or just a buzz word. Research shows that sustainability has real business benefits when conscientiously integrated into business operations.

Six major advantages for practicing sustainability are: Improved brand image and competitive advantage. Surveying more than 53, U. That translates into a client base of 68 million Americans who are favorably predisposed to companies showing positive track records in personal, social, and environmental values.

The Cause Marketing Forum reports that consumers also favor companies that actively support their communities: We can live without electricity or paper—people did just that for millennia—but humanity cannot exist without water, especially potable water.

Encouragement and practice to conserve resources not only improves brand awareness, but also penetrates at a deeper level to employees, their families, and beyond. Increase productivity and reduce costs. Detractors of sustainability claim that sustainable business practices eat into corporate profit.

Development of sustainable business practices lends itself to efficient operation that streamlines effort and conserves resources, which enhances employee productivity and reduces cost.

Reducing cost also encompasses energy conservation strategies that can be as simple as turning off unnecessary lights and insulating walls to more sophisticated efforts such as installation of geothermal heating and cooling systems.

Those efforts having greater overall impact will likely be more expensive to implement, but the long-term results justify the investment. Increase business ability to comply with regulation. Integrating sustainability into your business will position it to meet changing regulations in a timely manner.

Attract employees and investors. People like to be associated with the positive, especially younger generations raised on a steady diet of environmental protection messages.

They do not want to be linked to companies implicated in ecological disasters and social welfare scandals.


Show your company as respectful of the environment and of its employees and it will attract the caliber of people whom you want to employ and the funds your business needs to expand.

This is likely the simplest and most obvious way to engage in sustainable practices. Beginning in the s with offices collecting empty cans for recycling, the effort has grown to encompass waste mitigation in paper conserving trees and forest habitatsvalue engineering of products reworking or developing new processes that use less raw materials, waste less material in production of goodsto changing out incandescent lights for LED lights greater efficiency combined with fewer bulbs used.MRIA Announces Members of the Calgary Elections Polling Review Panel.

The Marketing Research and Intelligence Association announced today that the following independent experts will lead a panel to review underperforming and conflicting election polling results published during the municipal elections in Calgary (fall ).

thinkstep enables organizations worldwide to succeed sustainably. Our industry-leading sustainability software, data and consulting services help businesses drive operational excellence, product innovation, brand value and regulatory compliance.

Sustainable marketing research papers

The Wessex Institute (WIT) is a research and advanced training centre with an international reputation for excellence in engineering and physical sciences. It organises the well established programme of international WIT Conferences published by WIT Press. A comprehensive selection of research and conference papers, and articles on ecotourism, nature based and outdoor tourism best practice management worldwide.

Sustainable marketing research papers

BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. marketing, green marketing and sustainable marketing. The research encompasses scientific research papers treating marketing’s influence on the environment, as well as theoretic publications on the topic.

The research topic is the evolution of marketing thinking from the point of view of marketing influences on the ecological balance on the earth.

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