Rules of road regulations english

Lights displayed by power-driven vessels underway A power-driven vessel underway must display: A hovercraft must also display an all-round flashing yellow light. A wing-in-ground craft must also display a bright all-round flashing red light when taking off, landing, or flying near the surface.

Rules of road regulations english

Pedestrian crossing Pedestrians must often cross from one side of a road to the other, and in doing so may come into the way of vehicles traveling on the road.

In many places pedestrians are entirely left to look after themselves, that is, they must observe the road and cross when they can see that no traffic will threaten them.

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Busier cities usually provide pedestrian crossingswhich are strips of the road where pedestrians are expected to cross. Slovenia, The actual appearance of pedestrian crossings varies greatly, but the two most common appearances are: The former is usually preferred, as it stands out more conspicuously against the dark pavement.

Some pedestrian crossings accompany a traffic signal to make vehicles stop at regular intervals so pedestrians can cross.

Some countries have "intelligent" pedestrian signals, where the pedestrian must push a button in order to assert his intention to cross.

In some countries, approaching traffic is monitored by radar or by electromagnetic sensors buried in the road surface, and the pedestrian crossing lights are set to red if a speed infringement is detected.

This has the effect of enforcing the local speed limit. See Speed Limits below. Pedestrian crossings without traffic signals are also common.

In this case, the traffic laws usually states that the pedestrian has the right of way when crossing, and that vehicles must stop when a pedestrian uses the crossing.

Countries and driving cultures vary greatly as to the extent to which this is respected. In the state of Nevada the car has the right of way when the crosswalk signal specifically forbids pedestrian crossing.

Rules of road regulations english

Some jurisdictions forbid crossing or using the road anywhere other than at crossings, termed jaywalking. In other areas, pedestrians may have the right to cross where they choose, and have right of way over vehicular traffic while crossing.

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In most areas, an intersection is considered to have a crosswalk, even if not painted, as long as the roads meet at approximate right angles. The United Kingdom and Croatia are among the exceptions.

Pedestrian crossings may also be located away from intersections. Level crossing An example of a typical rail crossing in the United States as an Amtrak Carolinian and Piedmont train passes through. A level crossing is an at-grade intersection of a railway by a road.

Because of safety issues, they are often equipped with closable gatescrossing bells and warning signs. Speed limit The higher the speed of a vehicle, the more difficult collision avoidance becomes and the greater the damage if a collision does occur.

Therefore, many countries of the world limit the maximum speed allowed on their roads. Vehicles are not supposed to be driven at speeds which are higher than the posted maximum. To enforce speed limits, two approaches are generally employed.

In the United States, it is common for the police to patrol the streets and use special equipment typically a radar unit to measure the speed of vehicles, and pull over any vehicle found to be in violation of the speed limit.

In BrazilColombia and some European countries, there are computerized speed-measuring devices spread throughout the city, which will automatically detect speeding drivers and take a photograph of the license plate or number platewhich is later used for applying and mailing the ticket.

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Many jurisdictions in the U. Driving faster or slower than the speed set by the behavior of the lights causes the driver to encounter many red lights. This discourages drivers from speeding or impeding the flow of traffic. See related traffic wave and Pedestrian Crossings, above. Overtaking Overtaking or passing refers to a maneuver by which one or more vehicles traveling in the same direction are passed by another vehicle.

On two-lane roads, when there is a split line or a dashed line on the side of the overtaker, drivers may overtake when it is safe. On multi-lane roads in most jurisdictions, overtaking is permitted in the "slower" lanes, though many require a special circumstance.

In the United Kingdom and Canada, notably on extra-urban roads, a solid white or yellow line closer to the driver is used to indicate that no overtaking is allowed in that lane.

A double white or yellow line means that neither side may overtake. In the United States, a solid white line means that lane changes are discouraged and a double white line means that the lane change is prohibited. Play media Changing lanes on an 8-lane road outside GothenburgSweden When a street is wide enough to accommodate several vehicles traveling side-by-side, it is usual for traffic to organize itself into lanes, that is, parallel corridors of traffic.

Rules of road regulations english

Some roads have one lane for each direction of travel and others have multiple lanes for each direction. Most countries apply pavement markings to clearly indicate the limits of each lane and the direction of travel that it must be used for.

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In other countries lanes have no markings at all and drivers follow them mostly by intuition rather than visual stimulus. On roads that have multiple lanes going in the same direction, drivers may usually shift amongst lanes as they please, but they must do so in a way that does not cause inconvenience to other drivers.

Driving cultures vary greatly on the issue of "lane ownership":English; Sweden × Sweden; Sweden Guide Driving rules and regulations; Driving rules and regulations Getting a Swedish driving licence By Just Landed. Sweden - Travel & Leisure In Sweden they drive on the right-hand side of the road.

There are usually on-street meters or machines where you can purchase your parking ticket. Parking on. these Rules. Vessel traffic service regulations may be in effect in certain areas. (e) Whenever the Secretary determines that a vessel or class of vessels of special construction or purpose cannot comply fully with the provisions of.

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