Does mean effective teacher essay

What makes an effective teacher?

Does mean effective teacher essay

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What does it mean to be an effective teacher? Introduction There are many factors that contribute to what it means to be an effective teacher. An effective teacher will have the means to successfully manage a classroom, an ongoing commitment to professional development and of course, an ability to relate to children.

Ethical standards encompass undertaking the right conduct and practice in incorporation with the schools policies and procedures and the teachers own moral ideals and being sensitive to private information and transparent in behaviour Whitton et al, Legal standards involve complying with child protection laws and providing relevant documentation clearing the teacher to work with children Whitton et al, An effective teacher will provide this documentation upon application in any teaching role.

Legally, teachers are also providing a duty of care to students, protecting them from any reasonable foreseeable harm whenever they are involved in a school based activity Whitton et al, Personal standards refer to performing the duties of the role employed for in an honest and integral manner Whitton et al, Arriving to school activities in a timely manner will also show a professional attitude Whitton et al, Finally, cultural Does mean effective teacher essay refer to respecting and showing tolerance towards students, parents and fellow staff from different race and religion Whitton et al, A teacher with professional standards and ideals will be effective as an educator, co-worker and community leader.

Teaching philosophy An effective teacher will have developed a philosophy of teaching that fits within their ideals and provides a positive learning outcome for students.

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A teacher will need to decide what type of teaching approach they want to use such as an authoritarian approach which demands student compliance; a permissive approach where the teacher is more of a friend than an authority figure or; an authoritative approach where expectations are explained and self-direction is encouraged Whitton et al, Setting goals and objectives in line with what type of teacher they intend to be, interpreting the curriculum and understanding students learning needs and abilities will help provide structure and organisation in the classroom environment.

A productive way to set out these goals, objectives and teaching philosophy could be by creating a teaching portfolio. A teaching portfolio will allow a teacher to list any personal achievements, what they hope to achieve in the teaching profession and how they hope to achieve it and will continue to change over time as different approaches to teaching are developed and evaluation and reflection on teaching practices are planned and implemented Haugen, ; The University of Adelaide, Although not mandatory, a teaching philosophy, especially for a graduate teacher, will provide a platform to return to when facing uncertainty, anticipation or fear when teaching for the first time Beginning Teachers, An effective and common type of teaching philosophy involves a constructivist approach.

Does mean effective teacher essay

Constructivism A constructivist approach to teaching is currently the main type of method used in Australia today Fetherston, Constructivism typically involves students taking whatever they learn in the lesson, interpreting it with the assistance of their own view and memories and constructing an individual variant of the lesson Fetherston, In most classrooms, this will happen in a group setting, known as social constructivism but can happen individually which is known as psychological constructivism Fetherston, A social constructivism approach relies on language and interaction with others and is more effective if the others have a greater understanding of the task Fetherston, In a classroom, using this approach would require the teacher to understand the stage of development the child is in and incorporate their abilities whilst in that stage to the presentation of the lesson.

Adopting a constructivist approach, whether social or individual, to teaching will allow a teacher to have a range of well researched teaching strategies to incorporate into lessons, creating a positive, nurturing class environment Fetherston, By using their knowledge from all these fields, an effective teacher will be able to plan, implement and evaluate a lesson to attain an ideal learning outcome Whitton et al, Planning a lesson will involve taking the required knowledge from the areas above and preparing to deliver it to the class Whitton et al, Implementing a lesson will involve using the appropriate planned materials and resources to deliver the curriculum content to the students in the allocated timeframe Whitton et al, Evaluation will require the teacher to reflect upon a number of factors including the students understanding of the lesson, the suitability of the lesson content and the teaching strategies used Whitton et al, An effective teacher will be organised so students are continually motivated to complete any tasks and participate in the lesson.

Motivation Motivating students to participate in learning will require a positive, effective teaching strategy.

Does mean effective teacher essay

Even though one person is not accountable for the motivation of another, a teacher should make learning attractive by offering incentives and positive reinforcement and encouraging self-motivation Christophel, There are two types of motivation to understand, intrinsic motivation, when the student completes a task for no external reward or extrinsic motivation, where they receive an award or avoid punishment for completing a task Marsh, Understanding the types of motivation will help the teacher set achievable learning goals for the students and attaining these goals through extrinsic motivation will encourage students to be more confident and in turn use intrinsic motivation to achieve tasks Marsh, By understanding that student motivation decreases through the school years, an effective teacher will have strategies in place to engage students and keep them focused Whitton et al, Some of the most effective motivational strategies include having a relaxed body position, enthusiasm and sensitivity, providing verbal encouragement and offering a simple smile Christophel, ; Marsh, This will come across as positive to the student who will feel competent and self-efficient.

Incorporating motivation into the classroom requires a teacher to have effective management techniques. Classroom management Being an effective teacher means setting in place a classroom management plan that encompasses proactive behaviour management, setting clear expectations and successful lesson planning skills Queensland College of Teachers, n.

This will create a positive, safe learning environment that can motivate and ncourage students to be involved in their learning experience. Proactive behaviour management will require the teacher to use effective, appropriate responses to misbehaviour that minimise disruption to the rest of the class Bennett, A teacher will need to incorporate skills from a number of areas such as knowledge of curriculum and content, understanding of human development and planning skills to create an effective lesson Whitton et al, They will also need to have: An effective teacher will allow considerable time to prepare lessons and organise the management of the classroom.Teaching is a profession that is considered to be a rewarding challenging and complex role.

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An effective teacher does not simply teach knowledge their students and instead aims to arm students with the knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes that will prepare students for life-long learning. An effective teacher will have the means to successfully manage a classroom, an ongoing commitment to professional development and of course, an ability to relate to children.

A philosophy, such as constructivism, reflecting the teacher’s ideals and morals and teaching abilities will also provide structure to an effective teacher.

Dec 12,  · Secondly, to provide a point of difference or contrast in this essay between what various academic sources say about effective teaching and what in practical, day-to-day, terms denotes effective teaching, consideration will be made of what makes an effective teacher from the point of view of iridis-photo-restoration.coms: 1.

An effective teacher does not simply teach knowledge their students and instead aims to arm students with the knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes that will prepare students for life-long learning.

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The teacher’s main goal is to relay information and to impart knowledge to the learner; however becoming an effective eacher is more than Just a process of transmitting information onto students. In my opinion, being an effective teacher means allowing an environment that enables students to learn in the classroom to their best abilities.

When effective teaching is practiced, students develop a love for learning and .

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