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Quick reminder about HTTP When haproxy is running in HTTP mode, both the request and the response are fully analyzed and indexed, thus it becomes possible to build matching criteria on almost anything found in the contents. It will then become easier to write correct rules and to debug existing configurations. This means that each request will lead to one and only one response. Traditionally, a TCP connection is established from the client to the server, a request is sent by the client on the connection, the server responds and the connection is closed.

Apache rewrite add header pin

Business Intelligence BI mainly refers to the information that is available and processed for the organization to take decisions. So its very crucial to get these report right and for that we need to do thorough testing of BI reports.

Report is nothing but display of specific information in a particular manner. Reports are generated for specific purpose. Process of reports Testing: QA needs to understand the Report requirements like What the particular report is for.

What is Data Source for the Report. What are the conditions for the report. Understand the Layouts or design for reports Understand Data Source: In this QA needs to understand back end for the Reports. In includes understanding DatabaseSchemas and Data Structure.

Define the scope for reports testing. Mention clearly what is out of Scope. Mention Assumptionspreconditions in details.

Testing Scenarios for reports Testing: Verify the Report layout if its as per standard. Verify if Title of report, Logo is correct.

Verify if Header and Footer are correct and displayed on all the pages. Verify the numbering on pages are in sequence. Verify the Font, Font Size and pattern, alignment of texts and numbers are correct.

Verify if embedded images or docs in reports are visible enough and open correctly.

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Verify if links provided in reports are correct and open to right page. If report has tables, then check if data is displayed proper format, rightly aligned and Column headings are correct.

If reports have Graphs, check if its not broken up into pages, are visible enough and have headings. Verify if the dates displayed on the reports are in same predefined format. Verify if Index table contents like headings and page are correct and points to right page of details.

In case of BI reports, verify the number of records displayed are correct and no records are missing. This QA can check by querying the DB.

We can use Beyond Compare tool for comparing the reports.

apache rewrite add header pin

Left excel report is generated from Application and Right report is the result of logic query and exported to excel. Verify if all the calculations on reports are correct for eg, Total, Avaerage, Max, Min If report have Summary and Details Tabs, verify if the data is matching and so all the calculations.

Verify if data satisfy the filter conditions for. Date Range, IDs etc. Check how much time report takes to generate and its not exceeding time given in requirement. Verify how much time it takes to download.

Verify if it takes reasonable time to export in supported format.

apache rewrite add header pin

Verify if report can be downloaded and saved. Verify if report can be exported to all supporting formats and opens correctly in all formats like doc, excel. Verify if reports is printed correctly. In case of colored reports, all colors should match with the one in soft copy.Verify the Report layout if its as per standard.

Verify if Title of report, Logo is correct. Verify if Header and Footer are correct and displayed on all the pages. I want to strip off t1 from the url and add that as a header to my proxy request.

I have working reverse proxy conf and I want to intercept this url strip the t1 parameter and add that as header . URL Rewrite Module provides support for rules-based rewriting of the response HTTP headers.

A very common usage scenario for setting the response headers is to modify the redirection response generated by an application behind a load balancer or a reverse proxy.

The Apache configuration on A2 Hosting servers includes the mod_headers module.

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This means that you can easily add, modify, and delete HTTP response headers . Editing the Location Header. If you want to be able to edit the Location header as you describe, you can do it as of Apache For edit there is both a value argument which is a regular expression, and an additional replacement string.

As of version the replacement string may . Let’s take a look how to implement “DENY” so no domain embeds the web page. Apache. Add the following line in iridis-photo-restoration.com and restart the web server to verify the results.

Header always append X-Frame-Options DENY.

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