5 paragraph jane schaffer essay outline response to literature

What is a Jane Schaffer essay? It is a writing format for essays. It consists of a minimum of five paragraphs:

5 paragraph jane schaffer essay outline response to literature

Cinderella lives a miserable life. Global warming is a world problem and needs to be stopped. Concrete detail CD [ edit ] This sentence is the "what" is happening. It should be either facts, examples, illustrations, evidence, support, plot references, paraphrasescitationsquotations, plot summary, etc.

It should be a concrete detail and should start with 'for example' or a different transition. For example, she does all the cooking, cleaning, and sewing.

Jane schaffer essay

If it is not stopped, statistics show that the world will be drastically hurt. Commentary CM [ edit ] There are one or two commentary sentences in each chunk. They contain no facts, rather, comments from the paragraph writer about the fact presented in the CD.

This sentence contains analysis, interpretation, character feelings, opinions, inference, insight, reasons, or color commentator.

It is important that the commentary explain how the concrete detail helps prove the writer's point the TS. This shows that she feels taken advantage of by her selfish stepmother and stepsisters.

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This is important because her horrible life gives her a present, her fairy godmother. Global warming should be man's greatest worry. This is because the Earth can become negatively and drastically affected world wide.

CM3 Commentary sentence is an opinion and a reaction. General practice is that commentary sentences often start with a transition such as the following: This also shows that.The Jane Schaffer paragraph is a five-sentence paragraph developed by Jane Schaffer, used to write essays.

The paragraph only makes up one of many paragraphs in an essay, most of which have a non-Schaffer-like introduction and conclusion.

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my favorite instrument essay virat kohli outline of the essay samples worksheet Posted in Jane schaffer response to literature essay. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply. Comment. Name (required). Shaping the Essay 3. First Draft 4. Peer Response 5.

Revision 6. Final Draft Jane Schaffer Terminology. Parts of the Concrete Detail 6. Commentary 7. Chunk 8.

5 paragraph jane schaffer essay outline response to literature

Concluding Sentence 9. Conclusion Paragraph Jane Schaffer Terminology. Thesis an essay.

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Jane Schaffer Writing It’s an OUTLINE of a THESIS, TS, CD, CM ideas. Oct 01,  · Example: California is the best state of all for a vacation because of the fabulous beaches, the exciting theme parks, and the excellent nbsp; 5 Paragraph Jane Schaffer Essay c Name: Date: Period: 5 Paragraph Jane Schaffer Essay Outline.

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Jane schaffer response to literature essay